Nokia could introduce a smartwatch with Android Wear in MWC 2017

A Nokia Watch with Android Wear could become reality in MWC 2017. It seems that the surprises of Nokia for the MWC 2017 will not only be related to smartphones. Withings, the popular brand of wearables and accessories, has announced a launch with Nokia next Sunday on February 26.

Considering that the Finnish has chosen Android as a strategic ally for this comeback, it would not be far-fetched to think that the firm was thinking of unveiling a smartwatch with Whithings, Android Wear inside.

Just a few weeks ago, Google released Android Wear 2.0. This version, destined to the new generation of wearables, could be used by Nokia for a supposed intelligent watch developed with Withings that would arrive in MWC 2017.

At the moment, too many details about the event have not been specified beyond announcing “an exciting presentation”. It is unknown whether it is a smart watch, an accessory related to health or sport, or any other type of product, but with Nokia in between we could expect anything.

In case of not knowing the company, we remember that Withings is a firm of French origin that was acquired by Nokia in April of the last year 2016. Since then, it has been launching different gadgets like Activite Steel or Activite Pop, two hybrid smartwatches with a classic design, all compatible with both Android and iOS.

As you know, it will be next Sunday February 26 at 16:30 when Nokia will hold its event at the Mobile World Congress. In it, the company is expected to introduce its Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3310, as well as the international model of Nokia 6. Be that as it may, we will stay alert of new news in case Nokia decides to announce a smartwatch with Android Wear.


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