Nokia Heart, the Mid-Range Terminal With Which Nokia Aims to Break the Market


Nokia is back, there is no doubt about it with Nokia Heart, a device that could be the “renewal” of the original MotoG. The leaks and rumors surrounding the Finnish firm are incessant. The hype is growing, and not without reason, because Nokia’s first Android phone after its “resurgence” has done more than breaking records.

There is talk of a tablet made by Nokia and a high-end phone also manufactured by the firm. What will be the next with what we surprise Nokia? Well if the rumors are not wrong, the company is in the hands of a mid-low-end smartphone.

Just take a look at the filtered features chart to realize that the Nokia Heart is no top of the range. No, the filtration that we have been able to access presents a smartphone with quite moderate specifications, but not less interesting.

Nokia Heart Specifications

The supposed Nokia Heart, according to the filtration, has a processor of eight cores to 1.4 GHz signed by Qualcomm, possibly, the Snapdragon 430. Accompanying the SoC, everything seems to indicate that the terminal has 2 GB of RAM and, curiously, 9GB of free memory, which surely means that it has 16GB of internal storage entirety, although it is a detail that we miss.

On the other hand, this mid-low-end device presumably enjoys a 5.2-inch HD display. In the photographic section we find a main camera of 12 megapixels with autofocus and facial detection. Undoubtedly, specifications are not for a high end smartphone.

With everything and with this, the most interesting of the so-called Nokia Heart would be its price, since according to rumors, it would oscillate between 100 and 150 dollars. Although it is possible that, as the Nokia 6, is reserved for the Chinese market, we may soon see the Nokia Heart reach the western coast.


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