Nokia to rename Withings Steel HR smartwatches to Nokia Steel HR


The Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 were introduced earlier this year as the company’s return to the smartphone market. However, it seems that the Finns are also preparing the launch of a smart watch. Or rather, the relaunch of a watch already released, under the Nokia brand.

When we say smartwatch it might seem that we mean something similar to Apple Watch. But the truth is that this smart watch is different. It looks like a traditional watch. In fact, it counts even with the classic needles to tell us the time. However, a small display on the front, a battery, as well as a heart rate monitor make it much more than a watch.

This is Withings Steel HR. It is not new, since it is from Withings. The company was acquired by Nokia long ago, and in fact, it is referenced as “Withings, part of Nokia”.

Nokia Steel HR

However, the watch that until now we knew with Withings Steel HR could soon be named Nokia Steel HR, as we see in the image above. It is clear that if Nokia bought the company was because it also wanted to release smart watches and bands, and with the arrival of smartphones to the market, they may also want to launch their own smart watches.

In this case, the Nokia Steel HR would be a smart clock that would have an autonomy that would surpass almost all the other intelligent clocks of the market, because it does not have a touch interface nor with a full screen, but its screen only serves to give us information. It tells us about the steps we take, the calories we spend, our sleeping hours, or our heart rate, as well as some notifications we receive on the smartphone.

Its price is also cheaper than a typical smart watch, being about 150 dollars. But keep in mind that it is also a watch capable of monitoring up to 14 different sports, including swimming, thanks to which it is fully submersible up to 50 meters depth.


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