Nokia Unveils the Price and Features of Nokia 6 Arte Black Limited Edition Smartphone

Yesterday came to light the Nokia 6 which is a star device of the Finnish Company with Android. It is finally global and its international variant will begin to be sold in different markets in the second quarter of the year.

But Nokia has not only agreed to offer this variant, but also has introduced the Nokia 6 Arte Black, a special limited edition with a glossy finish and improved technical specifications.

Nokia 6 Arte Black is the improved version with the first difference to note from the limited edition Arte Black Nokia 6 with respect to the original variant lies in its design. While the Nokia 6 features a unibody aluminum frame, the Nokia 6 Arte Black features a crystal-finished rear panel with a piano-black gloss finish that offers a sleeker and more sober design.

On the other hand, the interior of the device also undergoes some modifications. The RAM memory grows from 3 to 4 GB, and the internal storage goes from 32 GB expandable to 64 GB, also expandable by microSD.

All other specifications are kept intact. Its has the Snapdragon 430 processor, by its veins runs Android 7.0 Nougat without any personalization, with the advantages that this entails, and a battery of 3,000 mAh is in charge of giving life to the terminal. Meanwhile, its photographic section is reigned by a main sensor of 16 megapíxeles and a front of 8.

At the moment, Nokia has not specified the official launch date for the new Nokia 6, but its prices. The conventional variant will cost €229, while the limited edition Arte Black will cost you €299.


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