North America Will Receive the New Nintendo 3DS XL Edition Yellow Pikachu

Nintendo 3DS XL Edition Yellow Pikachu

Nintendo Switch is getting closer to the markets, but this does not prevent Nintendo from continuing betting on collectors interested and curious about Nintendo 3DS, the company’s current portable platform. Good proof of this comes to be the new limited edition of New Nintendo 3DS XL that has been announced for North America.

The American division of the Kyoto has confirmed in a press release that the New Nintendo 3DS XL Yellow Edition Pikachu – English New Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow Edition – will reach that territory. The limited console will be on sale on February 24, 2017, just days before the departure of Nintendo Switch worldwide, for a price of $199.99.

The pop design of the container box of this console already makes it juicy, first by that variety of Pikachus populating the six sides of the box with all kinds of gestures, poses and colored auras. However, the cover characterizes, of course, the own New Nintendo 3DS XL Edition Yellow Pikachu, which already by itself describes the appearance of the console.

This console follows the tradition of special and limited models inspired by Pikachu, the electric Pokémon mouse. That is why the color that covers the entire housing of the same is yellow. However, on this occasion they have avoided using more colors such as black – the color of the tips of the ears – or the red – the color of electric cheeks. And how is the mascot of pocket monsters portrayed beyond its emblematic color? Well, with some darker yellow strokes that covers the top of the console to illustrate. Strokes, by the way, emulate a manual drawing as a sketch.

We are therefore faced with a very special and striking console model. Since unfortunately the console has a block by region, so if you live in Europe then you might have to wait to get a hand on it.


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