Now we can search Drive files from Google on Android

Google has just announced that within the next 3 days, it will launch a small update for the Google search engine in Android that will allow to show in the results the files that we have stored in our Drive account.
Those users who frequently use Google Drive on their Android devices will find a new option that will speed up finding their files without going directly to the app.

Thanks to Firebase App Indexing, we can search Drive files directly from the Google app, as we did any other search.

The process is very simple, since it follows the same dynamic as with other indexed apps.

We write the term or phrase that corresponds to our search and choose “Apps” and wait for the files we are looking for appear, taking into account that we will also see content from other apps in the results.

Then we just select the file, and it will open automatically in the Drive app. It is a small detail, but will allow us to more easily access the content we are looking for and saving us a few clicks.

It is also a simple way to verify that we do not have duplicate content, or that the file is in Drive and not in another of the apps that we have installed.

To see this new option, we need to have the latest version of Drive installed on our Android device. Those who do not have the Google Drive app installed can go to Google Play and urge it by following this link.

Unfortunately, the searches within Drive will only be available for Android devices at the moment. It has not been mentioned whether there are plans to enable this feature for the web version (desktop) or for iOS.

Source: Google Blog


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