Now You Can Double Click on YouTube to Move Forward or Backward 10 seconds

Watching a video on YouTube from iOS or android, and having to go back a bit because we have missed something important, or move forward 10 seconds to skip some specific part can be an interesting adventure. The thickness of our finger trying to hit the red dot of the timeline and moving it a few millimeters to reach the desired area is quite a spectacle.

To avoid this typical situation, YouTube has a small but useful function: when you double-tap on any video, we will move forward or backward for 10 seconds, without having to touch the timeline.

To advance only double click on the right side of the video, while the left side is reserved to go back. As we do, a small icon will appear showing the action graphically, similar to the one shown in the top catch.

This possibility has not been officially announced by Google, it has only been discovered by some users of reddit, although here we have already tried it personally and works perfectly. Unfortunately there are many other people who still cannot do it, so it is important to always have the latest version of YouTube for mobile installed.

While it may not be a very big function, but it is definitely a very convenient feature which will further improve the experience of users watching video on YouTube from their iOS or Android devices.


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