NuAns Neo Reloaded leaves Windows and now will come with Android

Since 2015 the Japanese brand NuAns has been dedicated to launch mid-range mobile phones in Japan that are characterized by offering interchangeable back and front housings, resulting in very colorful devices with up to 64 design combinations. Now the NuAns customizable phone, after its failure by the Windows Phone ecosystem, announces its return to the market, but this time with a NuAns Neo Reloaded for the Android market.

The idea in Reloaded is exactly the same, to plant in the market a customizable telephone, in two zones. It also fulfills the premise of creating a mid-range phone, something that can serve everyone

The NuAns Infinite Designs phone will feature a new version called NuAns Neo Reloaded that will appear in the spring on Android, leaving aside Windows 10 to embrace Android 7.1 Nougat. This is a mid-range phone that will try to make a hole in Android reaching a niche audience very specific to pay more attention to diversity of design than to specifications.

So far the data that is known is that the specifications of the NuAns Neo Reloaded are those of a 5.2-inch terminal at FullHD resolution, with 625 snapdragon processor, 3GB RAM and 3450mAh battery. It also has IP54 certification in dust and water protection, although it does not reach resistance levels as striking as the high end of the sector.

It is necessary to wait until its official presentation on February 20 to know other data of this promising NuAns Neo Reloaded, and when will it end up in the West. At the moment it is confirmed that it will launch in Japanese territory on May 31 and will do so at a price of about 440 dollars.

Source: NuAns Japan


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