NVIDIA could advance its launch to the third quarter of this year

nvidia volta 2017

According to a report published by Chinese media MyDrivers, NVIDIA is already finishing up the next launch of Volta architecture, something that according to this medium will occur much sooner than was supposed: for the third quarter of this year.

In theory, NVIDIA was going to launch the Volta architecture in early 2018. According to the source, NVIDIA would already have advanced the development of this new architecture so it could advance its launch, with the graphics that will theoretically be called GeForce GTX 20 Series. The reasons would be several: from taking advantage of having the very advanced development to put AMD into trouble, or to meet the growing demand of the market, with monitors of ever increasing resolutions and increasing demand of graphics by games.

NVIDIA Back to mid-year: for now only a rumor

Do not forget that there is no confirmation, or even leakage, from the manufacturer, and therefore we only handle rumors. However, a rather interesting picture is presented in case they become reality. As with the launch of equally advanced Coffee Lake by Intel, the consequences of this theoretical advance by NVIDIA will bring many consequences with it. They will also have to consider what will happen with the stock that is now in the inventories of the manufacturers of the current generations.

In addition, it should be noted that NVIDIA has just launched the new graphics range of the current generation : the GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp , so it really seems too hasty to launch Volta so soon. On the other hand, we must also take into account that AMD has the RX Vega already present and rushing to launch the new architecture before seeing how the performance of the competition can also be a big mistake.

This will be NVIDIA Volta

New NVIDIA-based Volta products will now feature HBM2 graphics memory, while green ones are expected to reserve this for the highest-end products and leave the rest still with GDDR5X memory. Micron has already begun sending engineering samples of GDDR6 memory, so they should also consider the possibility of implementing this type of memory instead, although it would be a surprise. By the way, if the rumors are true, the new manufacturing process at 12 nanometers would already be used.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens at the end. Recall that this is a mere rumor and must be treated as such, but as we have said several times previously the panorama is becoming more interesting.

NVIDIA Volta Road map


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