NVIDIA Titan Xp: new graphics card by NVIDIA to beat the GTX 1080 Ti


NVIDIA Titan Xp has dethroned the GTX 1080 Ti and has become the best graphics card in the market. While AMD measures every inch of graphics cards to market, NVIDIA has been rewriting the most powerful model on the market for several months. First was the GTX Titan X 2016 launched in July, which has been until a month ago as the most powerful graphics on the market. This was replaced by the GTX 1080 Ti, which offered better performance for almost half its price. Now, NVIDIA has launched the NVIDIA Titan Xp, the most powerful new graphics on the market.

And that the fact that the model Titan X was displaced in power by the GTX 1080 Ti was not good for the reputation of this company. For this reason, NVIDIA has decided to launch a new updated model called NVIDIA Titan Xp. This model is based on the previous Titan X, both in performance and in name, as it inherited the same nomenclature as the model released the previous year. This Titan Xp is what we considered previously as the Titan Black Edition and is a more powerful revision of the original Titan model.

Specifications of NVIDIA Titan Xp

What differences do we find? While the Titan X and the 1080 Ti had 3584 CUDA Cores, the Titan Xp has 3840, in addition to having 240 TMU compared to the 224 of the two previous ones. At teraflops level, the graphics card comfortably outperforms the 12 teraflops, compared to just over 11 and almost 11 of the previous models. Its VRAM memory rises up to 12 GB GDDR5X. The GPU chip is GP102 and features the same Pascal architecture as its predecessors.

NVIDIA Titan Xp specification

These graphics cards, besides to play are used for 3D design, so the bandwidth is very important as well as the VRAM. While the Titan X and 1080 Ti had 480GB/s of memory bandwidth, the Titan Xp boosts up to 547.7 GB/s. At resolution level, it is capable of displaying up to 8K at 60 Hz, making it the best choice to demonstrate the technical capabilities of these screens that already exist.

These characteristics raises the price of the card, justifying a nearly double the price of the GTX 1080 Ti. While the price of 1080 Ti dollars is 700 dollars, the Titan Xp rises to 1,200 dollars.


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