Oculus updates its platform for Gear VR with Facebook Livestreaming

oculus rift

Oculus, the Facebook company focused on Virtual Reality has just updated its platform for Gear VR helmets with improvements and new features seeking basically to enhance the social facets of Virtual Reality, and by the way, try to approach as many Users. Firstly they have updated Oculus Rooms in which from now on there is more content to enjoy, including Vimeo music videos and a wider selection of videos. In addition, to search for them in an easier way, they introduce the function of searches by voice.

In addition to the new features in Oculus Rooms, Oculus Events now opens as a simpler way to access public events, available for the moment in English only. The idea is that users can find events that they may be interested in enjoying, being able to mark them, follow them or even go directly to the events that are taking place at the same time.

Another premiere, this even more interesting, is the launch of Facebook Livestreaming, thought to be a way in which users share their experiences of Virtual Reality directly to their friends on Facebook using their Virtual Reality helmets. The idea, basically, is for users to share their live game sessions in their Facebook profiles so that the contacts they have can learn about this activity, and in the end, chop the worm to immerse itself in Virtual Reality.

Looking at it another way, it is a more integration between Oculus and Facebook, which adds to other initiatives, such as the launch of Facebook 360 that also occurred this week. This new possibility is available only to users outside the United States, as you read. In the coming weeks will reach “everyone with the latest version of Android on their Samsung phones,” he says.

Finally there is the premiere of Oculus Voice as a way to perform searches without using a keyboard, being available for the moment for English speaking users who have Rift helmets as Gear VR.


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