Office mobile applications disappear from the Windows store

Office Mobile

Microsoft does not stop evolving in everything related to the latest version of its operating system, Windows 10. In addition to the changes that have already been introduced, especially this month with the arrival of Creators Update, its working on important moves for the near future that will gradually come to all of us through further updates.

One of these important changes, which we have been able to intuit in recent weeks, may be closely related to the recent disappearance of mobile applications from Microsoft Office’s own office suite of the official Windows 10 store. Some users have been able to detect that the icons of the different tools that are part of this suite, no longer appear in the store’s search results. This fact suggests that the Redmonds are most likely preparing to take them all out and as a part of the entire suite, which is expected to take place early next month.

More specifically, the mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, no longer appear in the official store of Windows 10, something that is demonstrated when we make use of the search function, where no results are shown, although the users can still access applications through direct links to them.

Even though Microsoft has not provided any information on the reason for this sudden deletion of Mobile Office, it is believed that this decision is related to the event on May 2, when Microsoft is expected to present Windows 10 Cloud as part of the conference to be held in New York.

During this same event, it is expected that the Redmond software giant will also release the full version of the Office productivity suite for the Windows Store, forming part of what is known as Project Centennial of Windows 10, a solution through which the company intends to bring Win32 applications to its store.

Although Windows 10 Cloud will be a version of the operating system limited only to UWP applications, Microsoft is trying to provide users with access to its office suite, all in spite of this restriction.


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