OLED and graphene: the combination for the future, resistant and flexible screens


On many occasions we have talked about graphene as the future material that promises to revolutionize all sectors, not just electronics. Over time, more practical applications are discovered for the miracle material that does not seem to have ceiling. One of the latest experiments we have seen involves its combination with OLED technology to create the next generation of displays. These would offer outstanding durability in addition to being flexible.

A group of Korean researchers has managed to create an OLED panel using transparent graphene electrodes. These researchers belong to the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and have achieved a panel with dimensions of 370 X 470 millimeters, which would be the equivalent of the one used in the construction of a 19-inch monitor. The transparent graphene electrodes have a thickness of less than 5 nanometers.

OLED and graphene, the winning combination

As we know, graphene is a material with many possibilities, highlighting its durability and flexibility as the conductor of electricity. Screens and batteries are two of the fields that can benefit most from its use and in recent years we have known several projects that seek to implement it in these components.

However, there is still way to go until you get the solution to the final market. ETRI scientists have developed a process that can model a transparent graphene electrode in a layer of glass. This replaces the indium and tin oxide currently used in many panels, which are less durable and more likely to break.

Among the practical applications to which the team of project developers point is the creation of flexible OLED panels that can be used for different types of wearables.

The OLED technology is currently the market reference in many respects, although we already have manufacturers thinking of QLED, an evolution that eliminates the drawbacks of this technology for a greater durability over time. Either way, OLED technology could take another step forward thanks to graphene, a material that promises so much and we expect many things in the coming years.


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