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One Punch Man Webcomic vs Anime: Which One is Better?

One Punch Man Webcomic

Over the years, I’ve watched dozens of anime shows and read gazillion manga chapters.

Still, whenever I read/watch an adaption series, I get confused thinking which one was better.

For instance, recently, I finished watching one-punch anime series & had no option but to compare the two different formats.

What was the significant difference between these two options?

Or, to be precise –  Which one is better, One Punch Man Webcomic or One Punch Man Anime series?

So, moving forward in this post, I’ll compare the two editions of one punch man & let you know which one’s better than the other. Let’s get started with this:

One Punch Man WebComic vs. Anime

The Bonus Stories

Almost every volume of the manga includes short tales about the happenings of heroes daily. After each season, there are also OVAs (three out of Season 2’s OVAs are now available, and they’re fantastic). However, manga is far superior to anime.

The character of Saitama is often overlooked in One-Punch Man. Sure, he can pulverize monsters the size of mountains with a single punch, but these stories reveal who he is. He’s a wonderful, unselfish hero who serves as a hero not just because of his strength but also because he’s fantastic in everything he does.

Murata’s Unparalleled Skill

It’s a bit of a cheat to show the manga in this manner since it’s essentially animated the manga panels—but Murata’s talent goes well beyond static images. These sections come from Chapter 15, during Saitama’s first battle with Speed O’ Sonic.

Murata’s artwork does an excellent job of depicting distance and speed traveled. What makes this all the more amazing is that it performs better than the anime in this regard. It’s not as though the anime couldn’t have done it, but doing so would have been considerably more difficult.

More Saitama’s Backstory

There is a bonus chapter in almost every volume of the manga. Side stories involving our heroes abound, but a few provide us with a greater insight into Saitama’s backstory and what motivated him to become a hero.

In the manga’s debut book, a young Saitama goes after some bullies and then a pig monster when beaten up and robbed of $200. He gets severely beat up and never recovers his cash. In later volumes, we get to see him doing this “training regimen” while also seeing him accomplish his initial legendary actions and fights before losing all his hair.

References And Easter Eggs

Finding all the One-Punch Man easter eggs and references hidden within the anime was one of the most pleasurable aspects of the first two seasons of Mob Psycho 100.

In the manga’s first volume, a bonus chapter explains how Kami took control of Mob and his friends and led them to capture all 72 Lucky Gods to gain their powers. Later on, in the chapter titled “Theatrical Tale,” Mob, Tome, and Dimple may be seen in the background advertising the airing of their program.

No Dips In Quality

It’s far better to get the elephant out of the closet immediately. In terms of animation quality, Season 2 of the anime took a significant downturn from Season 1. And in that regard, the manga can’t be compared to anything.

5 Sites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic


Viz is a genuine website where you can buy one punch man webcomic and other manga comics. Viz is the ideal site for your manga comics, and anime series needs if you are a big fan of them. The site’s user interface is clean, with no advertisements on it.

You have the option of purchasing Viz online in PDF, EPUB, or CBZ formats; prices may differ according to the region and other factors. The most remarkable thing about Viz, in my opinion, is that you can preorder upcoming volumes and get your digital copy of your favorite manga series ahead of time.


MangaPanda is the most acceptable site for reading one punch man webcomic online if you are looking for a free option. MangaPanda is a manga reading website with an extensive collection of manga comics.

There are no commercial advertisements on the site; however, they may be removed using adblockers, so there is little to worry about. It has a simple interface that’s not too attractive but clean. In addition, MangaPanda has divided the comics into various categories, allowing you to narrow down your search for manga comics based on specific criteria.

Furthermore, you’ll discover a selection of popular manga and most recently published anime by clicking on them.


If you’re a manga enthusiast, bookmark this website right away. Unlike MangaPanda, which has an outdated user interface, this site uses a beautiful design similar to those in 2013.

It’s simpler to read one punch man on MangaKakalot because all of the pictures may be downloaded at once rather than having to click on the button every minute, which is a little annoying.

The site, also available in English and other languages, has numerous categories to help you discover the best mangas. The latest mangas are separated from the rest of the content on the site and the most popular manga for you.


I’m a big fan of manga, and while I was looking for webcomics to read, I came upon this beautiful site. The site’s interface is passable; it’s not elegant, but it isn’t cluttered either.

Use ad blockers on these types of sites to stay safe. It has sections such as new release, advanced search filters, a random button for a random suggestion, and a search bar if you know what to read, just like every other site.

The nice thing about MangaFreak is that you can download each chapter separately, so there’s no need to spend time on the site; you may save it and read it later.


The last on the list is FunManga, a site that has defied the pirating website hunters’ ban hammer. FunManga is a free manga reading site with thousands of manga comics to read.

Use the search bar to look up a title, or use the advanced search options like most popular manga, most recent manga, and so on. There were no pop-ups or redirections ads in the site’s user interface.


Now that we’ve concluded, it’s time to decide between one punch man anime series and manga series.

Truth be told, The One Punch Man anime series is excellent, but still, there are some factors in play that make the One Punch Man webcomic a popular choice.

That’s all for now.

Still, if you’ve any doubt around one punch man anime or manga, don’t hesitate to ask us about it in the comments section given below.

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