One thousand Win32 applications are already universal Windows 10 apps

Universal Windows App

With the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft began working on a new concept of applications which was then called Modern UI. This Modern UI sought to bring the PC a similar experience of smartphones to the computer. With the advent of Windows 10, these applications which are now known as universal, have taken a lot of strength and, little by little, are gaining the confidence of developers. However, they are still far from being a true alternative to applications.

Microsoft has confirmed on the first day of its new Build Developer Conference that is currently taking place that more than 1000 conventional Win32 applications have already been ported to the new UWP format. Additionally they also mentioned that more and more developers are giving support to this new format now.

Desktop Bridge, formerly known as Project Centennial, is the codename that Microsoft has given its plan to carry as many applications as possible to its new universal format. In the 8 months that this project is in force, more than 1000 relatively well known Win32 applications have made the leap to the new universal format. However, this is not enough as the great applications, applications of day to day life that are essential for users have not yet migrated to this new format and apparently have no plans to do so anytime soon.

These are most important applications have not yet made the leap to the UWP universal application platform of Windows 10.

One of the main hurdles with which the universal applications of Windows 10 are being met is that, at the moment, the great browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome do not make the jump to launch a UWP supported browser. Not only that, as we read in the previous article, even if Google decided to launch a UWP browser for Windows 10, Microsoft would not let it be published in the store for reasons that, in fact, are not quite clear.

In addition to the browsers, the Windows Store are still missing many applications very important to the day to day of most users, such as Photoshop, GIMP, Spotify, an antivirus , Jdownloader, Transmission and, like them, many others.

It is true that we can already find in the Windows 10 store many important applications like Kodi, Evernote and VLC, as well as an interesting variety of games (some even exclusive that can only be downloaded from it) however, although it seems that everything goes for the good road, the new format of universal applications for Windows does not end up gaining the confidence of the great developers, without which, this format of applications will never be successful.

Windows 10 is already installed on more than 500 million computers. In the long term, Windows 10 will probably only run universal applications and then all developers will develop applications of this type. However, this is still a long way off, and it will be years before we see some great applications.

Do you think the universal platform of Windows 10 is on the right track? What application would you like to get to the Windows store as a universal app?


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