OneNote is Updated With Important New Features For PCs and Smartphones

One of the applications that should not be missing in our smartphone is without a doubt OneNote, a service that has not stopped improving and for many it has become so important that without this tool we could not live.

Now, users of the Windows 10 Fast Ring have received a new update in the OneNote application, an update that has introduced important new features, such as the ability to create password protected sections or to reorder our notebooks by simply dragging them.

The version 17.7830 of the universal application of OneNote, which as we said is available for both the PC and smartphones of the fast ring of the Windows Insider program, has incorporated the following new features:

  • Create password-protected sections by accessing the Section Name shortcut menu, entering the Password Protection option and selecting Add Password.
  • Save any image of OneNote by selecting the image, accessing the context menu and pressing the Save As option.
  • Insert a new page below the current one by accessing the context menu of a page and clicking New Page.
  • Attach OneNote files by accessing the context menu of the attachment and selecting the Save As option.
  • Select the different types of bullets from the bullet menu.
  • Insert shapes in your notebook from Insert> Shapes Gallery.
  • A paragraph indicator has been entered using a diamond-shaped signal.
  • Find practically all the options for your table from the table menu.
  • Rearrange your Memo Pads by simply dragging them.
  • Rename a section by accessing the context menu of the section and clicking Rename section.


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