Opera Completely Renews its Desktop Interface Under the Reborn Project

The Opera web browser will soon have a completely new, unified and modern design for all desktop platforms.

They have just released a new version of their desktop web browser on their channel for developers who, they say, is part of a larger project that bears the code name Reborn. In the mentioned version it offers a total renovation of the user interface along with a series of new features.

The buttons and tabs have been completely redesigned to make them simpler and more stylish, the speed dial has been slightly redesigned with the addition of soft animations and more prominent shadows. It also has a new sidebar, similar to the one available in Opera Neon.

According to Opera, the new sidebar will give access to more important tools like bookmarks, history, personal news and extensions with just a click. Users will be able to customize the tools they want to have in the sidebar. For new users it will be visible by default.

In addition, it has two themes, light and dark, and even incorporates three new backgrounds, being able to configure these aspects under the Themes option. A new surprising feature is the integration of Facebook Messenger in a side tab, which will allow us to open a small version of Facebook Messenger while doing other tasks, thus avoid having to switch between different tabs. From Opera it is pointed out that there will be more social services in the future.

Finally, they also incorporate an even faster and easier installation process. With all the above, Opera users will soon find a design that will not adapt to the visual interfaces of each system but rather will have a single interface for all platforms.

It will be a matter of taste that users can opt for the interfaces natively adapted to each system or will feel comfortable with the renewal.


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