‘Overwatch’ Bans Another 22,865 Players in Korea for Cheating

When creating a multiplayer title, hackers are one of the main problems that the developers face, since there is no foolproof way to prevent some players from cheating by using external programs that give them an edge with respect to the other players.

In Korea there is a big problem with this type of players, given that although fines and prison sentences are very serious, they cannot prevent tens of thousands of players from abusing external programs in certain games.

Today, Blizzard has announced the ban on 22,865 Korean players in ‘Overwatch’ for cheating. The ad details several of the numerous sanctions, most of them using external programs to take advantage of the game.

“Creating and maintaining a pleasant playing environment for the majority of good players is a key part of us and we are ready to take every step we can to create, distribute and use our programs. Distribute across multiple communities, and prepare countermeasures, “said Blizzard.

This massive bans of players is a sample of the measures that Blizzard is willing to take to make the experience within its games fair for all players. Such strict actions are necessary and every company should take such bold steps to remove any players who are cheating. Well, this move will have an effect on many gamers who will now avoid using any form shortcuts while playing Overwatch.


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