‘Overwatch’ brings back a date for the option to save highlighted plays


The highlights are always a hot topic in ‘Overwatch’ and theme Blizzard has talked about it on many occasions but the players have not yet seen any big changes in it.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has spoken through Battle.net forums with fans of Blizzard’s popular online shooter about the ability to conveniently store and share replays of their video game, something demanded by users for a long time.

One of the promises made by Blizzard was to keep these highlights, a great option for many players, since these plays on many occasions can be spectacular.

We already knew that this option was on the way, but this time we have a much more specific data, since Jeff Kaplan, the director of ‘Overwatch’ has put new information on this topic within the forum of the game.

” This is the current focus of the feature team (one of the smaller development strike teams on the Overwatch team). The team is working extremely hard on this and has been for months. Expect more details early this summer. “

At the moment, the company has not mentioned the promised improvements within this system, which is sometimes unfair when it comes to choosing them. One of the proposals that is most debated, even by the company, was to make prominent plays combined between characters like Zarya and Pharah, instead of rewarding only one of the two characters. This could also be close, since we can currently find something similar within the killfeed in the public test region of the title.

With the month of June falling, needless to say, it seems that it will be very soon when we have more news about this feature.


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