‘Overwatch’ Confirms Changes Planned for Bastion

Overwatch Bastion

Geoff Goodman, the top designer in ‘Overwatch’, already said that they were testing internally the changes they had planned for Bastion, but did not comment on what these changes would be or give us an approximate date when they could appear in the game.

Today, Geoff has returned to the ‘Overwatch’ forum to further detail the changes they are looking to introduce to Bastion in a future patch:

“Recognition mode – Less dispersion and more size in the charger to help with overall viability in this mode.

Sentinel Mode – In this mode we are looking to focus on a destructive mode of tanks or barriers, while also wanting to make it look like a suicide is not transformed. To this end, we are testing things as more dispersion and eliminate the head shots, receiving less damage while we are transformed.

Self Improvement – We’ve been trying out a large list of changes for this skill that we really liked. At the moment, in our internal version, Bastion can heal itself while it moves and its healing is not deactivated when it is hurt. To balance these changes, the skill is now resource-based (same as the D.Va defense matrix). These changes have brought the ability to go from being rarely used to a powerful tool that will help us survive.

We are still testing and modifying things with Bastion, but we hope to have a patch in RPP soon so you can try it out for yourself. ”

As we can see, these changes are still undated, but at least they have given us a rough idea of how this character will work in the future if players who test these changes in the public test region give their approval.

The public test region (RPP) is the PC server where Blizzard tests changes before releasing them to the official version of the game and to the console versions.

Till then let’s wait for the surprise the Overwatch team plans to give with respect to Bastion.


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