‘Overwatch’ Crosses 25 Million Players Worldwide


‘Overwatch’ reaches 25 million players worldwide. The past 2016 has been a spectacular year in terms of releases, a period of time where we have been able to enjoy the debut of numerous and fantastic video games, regardless of the platform in which we play. Some of which, still accompany us at the moment.

The truth is that last year was a terribly positive year for Blizzard, and that after many years, finally surprised us all with the launch of a new franchise, ‘Overwatch’. A multiplayer focused game based especially on the competitive face, which has managed to convince many players across the globe, and became the GOTY 2016 for many of the experts / professionals in the industry and of course, players.

Well, today, Blizzard has released a tremendously positive and relevant data, which serves to know the fantastic health of the Overwatch game.

Few hours ago we have known that the multiplayer title has surpassed the barrier of the 25 million players worldwide, counting the three platforms in which it is available, PS4, Xbox One and of course, PC. Obviously, and as expected, the largest core of players are on these platforms, but ‘Overwatch’ is in good health in all of them.

Well, if you are reading these lines you are one of the 25 million players of ‘Overwatch’, remember that these days you have the possibility to enjoy the special event of the Chinese New Year. With it, in addition to numerous skins that will impart to give our characters a new and peculiar aspect, also comes a new game mode (captures the flag).


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