‘Overwatch’ gives more clues about who might be its next character

A new post on the ‘Overwatch’ blog has surprised all users. This post is an interview within the game world, as was done long ago during the Shadow ARG, which gave more information about a company within the world of ‘Overwatch’. It gave more clues to players to find more information on the launch of Shadow.

In this virtual interview, we are introduced to Efi Oladele, an inventor of Numbani who at only 11 years has achieved many merits within the world of robots and artificial intelligence.

The most interesting thing for many players is certainly the speculation about upcoming characters. Given the recent disappointment that Jeff Kaplan gave explaining that the next character will not be who we think, many players are circling who could be the twenty-fourth character In joining the title.

One thing that we must be clear about, is Blizzard would not put a 11-year-old girl on the battlefield, but she can give us clues about a future character, who could be a robot controlled by her from outside the battlefield.

It also gives us a little clue about the short future of ‘Overwatch’. Given that Efi says that his parents are going to take him by plane, if we consider that the attackers in Numbani appear at an airport and the leakage of a modeling the load, we can get an idea of how this short could be.


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