‘Overwatch’ Has Fixed Two New Aspects of Mei

The controversy seems to accompany Blizzard within each event they perform within ‘Overwatch’, going from the criticism of players to realize that Tracer is a lesbian, until the recent failure in the body of Mei which angered many players given that it made her look thinner.

This bug in Mei’s body outfit had upset many players, who thought that Blizzard had decided to make Mei thin, instead of a few extra pounds as all players imagined her without a coat.

All of these reviews came quickly to Blizzard’s ears, who through a post within their official forum explained that it was a bug in Mei new outfit which made the character much thinner than it should.

Many players thought that this post was the way to squeeze the bulk of the criticism, but it does not take a proportional expert to realize that it is a failure in modeling the character, which Blizzard has already solved in
The two new aspects of Mei, giving it a much more realistic proportions in the hips, as shown by AllGamesDelta in this comparison:

As we can see, these changes still give some problems with clothes in this aspect, but make their proportions more accurate.


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