‘Overwatch’ introduces major changes in its public testing region


Blizzard has prepared a number of changes in the public realm of testing that could greatly modify how Overwatch is played, especially in the higher ranks.

When making changes to their games, Blizzard uses a series of servers in which they launch their patches in advance so that players can test the changes and see that they are stable both for the performance of the game and for its playable appearance.



The damage of his biotic rifle is reduced to 60 and now his biotic grenade will only do 30 damage to enemies and heal 50, halving the damage of his rifle and his grenade as well as the direct healing of his grenade.


Junkrat will no longer harm himself with his own explosions (Effect added to his current passive).


He has reduced the loader of his main weapon, so he will now have 150 bullets and increased the time it will take to get his final skill by 15%.


Now the voice line and sound effects you make when entering and exiting the incognito mode will only be heard at 15 meters. It has also reduced the reuse time of your translocation beacon from 6 seconds to 4.


The reuse time of your barrier will start counting when you set it instead of when it ends.


Now it will take less time to recover from its secondary firing and its orbs of discord will be able to cross barriers like that of Reinhardt and those of Orisa.

These changes can already be tested on the public Overwatch testing server, which is only on PC and its progress is completely independent of the official game, so PC players will have to wait the same time as for the consoles to see these changes within your game.


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