‘Overwatch’ is Preparing Changes for Bastion

Overwatch Bastion

Geoff Goodman has revealed on a forum that they are working to bring some changes for Bastion in the Overwatch game. This robot character of the game has gone through several eras within the game. During the first weeks of the title’s life, this character was undoubtedly one of the central axes of any defense, given its facility to rustle the attackers with hundreds of deadly bullets.

This made many players think that Bastion was too powerful for the game, but after a couple of Blizzard tips that we saw in a previous story, many players learned to confront our beloved robot, leaving him to the point where he is now in which we rarely find it in game, since it is not difficult to fight it.

Geoff Goodman, the lead designer on ‘Overwatch’, has unveiled in the Blizzard forum, that the Overwatch team is already preparing changes for our favorite robot:

“I’m currently working on some changes for him. I’m not sure when these changes will come to the game, we’re still testing different things internally.”

So far, the only big change that had been made for Bastion took place during an early phase of the game, in which it had a shield similar to Reinhardt’s through which it could shoot, being a much more difficult goal for the players. This old version of Bastion can still be found in some of the first trailers of ‘Overwatch’.


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