‘Ovewatch’ to end Uprising today, its most recent event

Overwatch Uprising

Uprising has undoubtedly been the biggest event that has come to ‘Overwatch’ since its launch, including the ten new aspects, of which eight have been legendary and other cosmetics really appealing to players.

Since the start of April, this Uprising was present in Overwatch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC which gave us an opportunity to grab 100 Loot boxes during this event.

However, the aspects and personalization are not everything as with this event also came the new PvE fight, similar to the one launched for the Halloween event. On this occasion, the fight will be much wider and continue with the story told in the comic that came a few days before this event and showed more about the history of the title.

Today will be the end of Uprising, so this will be your last chance to get the rewards of this event. Once it closes, you cannot use credits to buy them and you will not have the opportunity to buy or get boxes of booty.

Although Blizzard has not set the time at the end of this event, we can expect it to end at 19:00 Peninsular time like previous events. This will be a shame for many players who were hoping to get a chance to try their luck again with the three arcade boxes before it ends completely.

With the end of this event and how close it is to the anniversary of ‘Overwatch’ our only hope is that Blizzard may have something up its sleeves for us.


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