‘Paragon’ Reaches 5.7 Million Registered Players

Paragon has managed to register 5.7 million players out of which 832,000 were active during the month of January 2017.

The MOBA have undoubtedly been one of the most popular genres of recent years, thanks to the success of ‘League of Legends’ or ‘DotA 2’ within the eSports world, which have made them become two of the most popular titles among players.

All this success leads other companies to develop games within this genre with more or less innovation, such as Blizzard with ‘Heroes of the Storm’ where innovation is in a simpler form, but much more effective system or ‘Smite’, the Hi-Rez Studios bet, which gave a new perspective to this genre.

In ‘Paragon’ we find a bet quite similar to the one we can see in ‘Smite’, since this MOBA is also controlled in third person, but with a more elaborate graphical environment and several playable differences which make it a great alternative.

Although the development of this title was overshadowed by some major releases, as well as by the impending failure of Battleborn, this free title has already managed to bring together 5.7 million players, of which 832,000 have been active during the month of January. Undoubtedly, big figures for a game that has gone quite unnoticed for many players.

‘Paragon’ is available for Ps4 and PC. For more information about the data that Epic Games has shared about its MOBA, you can go through this link.


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