Payments, video messages and quick view arrive in the Telegram update


The new Telegram update has finally arrived, an update we have been waiting for a long time since it was leaked how video messages and new payments would be. Now we can discuss all the news of Telegram in its latest version and the fact is that there are quite a lot that needs discussing.

Telegram has always been one step behind WhatsApp in terms of users. In the last few months we have noticed that the time when Telegram has been used correspond to the number of times WhatsApp has fallen, since people need a messaging platform where they can talk. Even though Telegram is smaller in number of users, it has the advantage of having many more functions than the application purchased by Facebook.

All the updates of this Telegram update

There are several news to comment on this new update of the messaging application. Let’s talk about the payments, the new video messages, the quick view and the $ 200,000 contest. The first thing we are going to see is the issue of payments. Yes, you will be able to buy anything on Telegram in the future but at the moment we only have the basis of it.

Payments on Telegram

Telegram updates

The only thing we can buy in @ShopBot will be a time machine as a demo so you can see how it works. In the future, we could see that there is a bot from each store to be able to buy, who knows if in the future we see an Amazon bot and we can buy everything from there?

The second novelty we found out is that of the video messages. Touching the microphone, we will get an icon of the camera, which is to be pressed to start recording a video message of no more than 10 seconds, that can be seen in a circle in the chat.

Telegraphs in Telegram

The latest news that Telegram brings us is that of quick views. Telegram can now be compared with the AMP pages, which simply allows us to take a quick look at the website without having to open the browser and load a page.

In this novelty they have linked the $ 200.00 contest, for which you have to know how to program in HTML to create different types of template, and the one who creates the best type of template will win the contest. This news is now available on Google Play and you can download it, it is not a beta.


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