Peer-to-Peer Pay for WhatsApp, the next big app update


A few days before we met the new WhatsApp emojis that could land on the application this summer. Now whithin the next six months Whatsapp is planning a new update. Whatsapp has confirmed the possibility of peer-to-peer payment within the app. According to reports from The Ken, the application would be about to introduce peer-to-peer payments in India, its largest market with more than 200 million users.

An article by The Ken, an Indian-based company, says WhatsApp plans to use UPI, a government-backed interbank payment system, to begin allowing user payments in the next six months. The Eastern country is one of the most interesting markets for WhatsApp. According to TechCrunch, Whatsapp has stated that India is a major country and they are understanding how they can contribute more to the vision of Digital India. They are exploring how they could work with companies that share this vision and continue to listen closely to our users’ comments.

The same medium indicates that, with the most possible target of being able to pay with WhatsApp, the company is considering the possibility of hiring professionals in the field of digital transactions with UPI, the payment system we mentioned before.

It is true that the new feature that would allow peer-to-peer paying with WhatsApp would make a lot of sense for the company owned by Facebook, which has more than one billion active users worldwide. However it is still early to point out when this novelty would arrive. However, there are those who point out that in the next 6 months could be a reality.

WhatsApp has already announced changes in the time limit for deleting sent messages, but has not yet made any statement about it on this rumored feature. Perhaps the answer does not have to be looked at within the application, if not in its most direct competitor, Telegram.

Telegram, the instant messaging system created by Pavel Durov is also thinking of adding mobile payments to the application. It was recently discovered in the source code of last references to Stripe, a free app in Google Play oriented to mobile payments. That is why perhaps the intention to pay with WhatsApp is a response of the most downloaded app in iOS and Android to face Telegram.


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