‘Persona 5’ Will Feature ‘Catherine’ Costumes in the West

Persona 5

Players most fond of Atlus’ work will be happy today to learn that ‘Catherine’, considered a cult game and a fantastic work of the past generation by many, will appear in ‘Persona 5’ through a DLC of appearances that will convert the Characters from the Japanese company’s new JRPG on those beloved PS3 and Xbox 360 characters.


With additional downloadable content already available in Japan, Western players will also be able to enjoy these skins when the game is released next April 4 after being delayed since its initial release date on February 14.

In a small video that you have below you can see Vincent, Catherine and the Sheep characterizing the characters of this new adventure in one of the most anticipated video games of 2017 for much of the writing of Zonared. In addition, the delay promises to include Japanese dubbing in Western copies, which will delight all lovers of products born in the country of the rising sun.

If you want to know some important details of this great launch do not miss this trailer. After the announcement, Atlus has released a teaser trailer that shows that the costumes that will be available in the future, namely that of Catherine and Vincent, and also a costume Sheep for Morgana.

Currently, these costumes are available in Japan, along with many others. Many other DLC will also be announced for the West in the future.

Below we propose the teaser trailer in which you can preview the costumes:


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