Pi Desktop, the complete kit for converting Raspberry Pi into a computer

pi desktop

We have seen many projects that use Raspberry Pi as “heart”, like retro consoles or multimedia centers. There are even those who venture to mount a laptop with one of these miniature computers that arrive in plate form. To go one step further, now we have Pi Desktop which is the complete kit for converting Raspberry Pi into a desktop computer.

Premier Farnell, one of the leading distributors of Raspberry Pi worldwide, has just announced the arrival of Pi Desktop. This accessory kit is used to convert a Raspberry Pi plate into a complete desktop Linux computer in seconds. In addition, everything looks elegant thanks to the box finished in glossy black.

Pi Desktop, the complete kit for converting Raspberry Pi to a computer

Once we have completely assembled the Raspberry Pi inside Pi Desktop, we find the same functionalities that we have in a conventional desktop PC. That is, we will have access to WiFi, Bluetooth, hard disk with mSATA interface and an on and off button. Additionally, we can also configure a camera module.

For this, we have a nice box of bright black and a content size (something smaller than the Intel Nuc) that allows us to turn that green plate into a desktop computer in a matter of minutes. This eliminates the need for cables everywhere and makes things easier for less experienced users too.

The Kit has the possibility of adding an SSD disk of up to 1 TB capacity and with it we can start directly from the disk at maximum speed. In this case, we can opt for a Linux distribution adapted for Raspberry Pi or any other image that is useful to us.

The addition of a power off button eliminates the need to put or remove the power cord every time we turn it on or off. It operates just like any desktop or laptop. A heat sink is also included to keep the temperature low.

The price of the box Pi Desktop with all the elements to mount it is 46.71 Euros or about $ 52 USD. At the moment, the only known information regarding its availability is that it in United State it will be made available from June 5. As for other region, that information is still unknown.


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