Pinterest expands its visual search technology to the entire web using chrome extensions

Pinterest visual search

Pinterest, the social network that allows users to save images and videos through virtual boards, now takes their visual search technology across the web. And it does so through its browser extensions, launching this extension for Chrome. This in addition to continuing to allow users to save the images they find on websites in their user accounts, now also makes it possible to search using the same technology that you use within your application.

Those users who already have the extension previously installed should only wait for their automatic update. Those who do not have it now is a good time to install it. Once the Pinterest extension is installed on Chrome in its latest version, users will be able to start performing visual searches on any web site and over an available image.

You will see a zoom button appear on which you will have to press to determine the area in which you want to search, making it possible to visualize any object, product, patterns or colors of the same image by obtaining similar elements and ideas in real time, as Kent Brewster points out on the official Pinterest blog. In addition, it also advises to search to discover ideas that can inspire based on an entire web by simply right-clicking the bottom of the web and selecting the search option from the context menu.

Users can also deepen their searches by pressing on any previously obtained results and selecting part of it to start getting more similar ideas. In this way, Pinterest now puts its visual search technology on any web beginning with Chrome and coming soon to other browsers. There is the fact that Pinterest has been working on its visual search technology in recent years allowing the launch of Instant Ideas, Shop the Look and the beta version of Lens recently, although the use of visual search was already present in the application since 2015.


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