Pinterest expands visual searches with Lens


Lens is one of the three visual discovery tools that Pinterest introduced at the beginning of last February. Its mission is that users can discover ideas based on the photographs they take of different objects or depart directly from the images they have stored on their mobile devices.

This new tool is available only to a small group of people in the United States, and without abandoning its beta phase, now its availability will expand to all users in the United States through a new update of its app for Android and iOS.

The company explains that the new tool is still far from perfect, so it invites users to use their system based on their image recognition technology to refine the results and improve this tool.

In this regard, he points out that the best results are obtained with ideas based on recipe ingredients and equipment. In addition, it now includes the ability to try out new lenses by simply sliding your finger up.

With this, users who now have access to this new tool can find ideas with which they can even make purchases through the application, thanks to the Pins that the same stores have available from their profiles to achieve new potential customers directly from the application.

We hope that at some point they can expand the new tool of visual discovery at an international level, although at the moment it is unknown the plans on the part of the company.


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