Pinterest facilitates the discovery of recipes integrating new functions

pinterest recipes

Pinterest continues to add features that enhance the dynamics of the platform and ensures a good user experience.

On this occasion, they have focused their attention on those users who resort to Pinterest in order to discover new recipes.

Pinterest used to allow us to filter out some options when looking for a recipe but they were not enough to get accurate results as there are many variables when considering the perfect menu.

Now they have adjusted this dynamic a bit more by adding new filters such as time, ingredients and diet.

That way, we can specify our search and establish what we are exactly looking for. Like for example, we are looking for a recipe that carries a certain amount of products that takes no more than 30 minutes and is also gluten-free.

This update also uses the potential of its visual discovery tool Lens, which allows us to perform searches with the physical elements that we point out using the camera of the mobile.

Finally, we will also have recommendations from users who have already made the recipe. If we display the pin that shows the recipe, we will see the comments of the users and in some cases, a grading system.

These are a series of features that will expedite the process of finding the perfect recipe for the menu of the day.

With these types of new features from Pinterest, it always tries to make it easier for user to find the exact pin the might be looking for. The truth is finding a pin of a specific recipe in the entirety of Pinterest or net becomes significantly difficult just like finding a needle in a haystack. However, with this new feature Pinterest hopes that it helps user to find the pin they are looking for at least in case of recipe pins.

Source: Pinterest Blog


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