Pinterest launches a series of improvements to Lens, one of its tools of visual discovery

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Pinterest has just released a series of improvements to Lens, one of its visual discovery tools released earlier this year in beta in the United States. Basically, what Pinterest intends with Lens is to integrate its search technology into people’s day to day life rather than trying to get them directly onto the platform.

First, Lens launches the Visual Guides, a feature that will enable users to search multiple objects simultaneously available in the physical world through the mobile camera instead of having to search each object separately. This way, you will get a list of products similar or related to the products available in your photographic captures.

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Additionally, Lens will also begin to support reading QR codes. The idea is that users point the cameras of their mobile to QR codes to go directly to any website or Pinterest board that are linked to their profiles, thus avoiding having to make any kind of pressure on the screen.

Finally, iPhone has also integrated the shortcuts that have been available so far and exclusively for Android users in recent weeks. In this sense, users should only press the icon of the Pinterest application to see the available shortcuts, Lens being one among them that allows the direct access to the capacities of exploration, searches or even access to the saved elements In Pinterest.

Apart from all these improvements, the underlying technology has been improving as more use has been received. However, the platform encourages users to continue making corrections in those cases in which Lens continues to fail. Keep in mind that it is still in beta.

Also remember that all these improvements come at the same time that Vanja Josifovski, until now engineer of discovery of the platform, has been promoted to chief of technology.

Source: Pinterest Blog


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