Pinterest Launches Three New Visual Discovery Tools

Pinterest has just introduced three new and interesting visual discovery tools, especially drawing attention to Lens. This is its new experimental technology that will come to the mobile application for both Android and iOS in the coming weeks, but only to the United States. The idea is to use the camera of mobile devices to focus on different objects and get ideas based on them.

According to Pinterest, its new experimental technology works best for the moment, when offering ideas about home decoration, utensils and food dishes. From the platform they hope that with the continued use of the same will allow perfection along with the series of improvements that Pinterest will be performing to be able to offer better results and even cover other types of elements.

Lens’s philosophy is to use photographic captures as the best way instead of words to get ideas that can inspire in a number of areas, like the Shazam of objects in the real world.

But as we say, Pinterest has also presented two other tools for visual discovery: Instant Ideas and Shop the Look. The first allows you to unlock instant ideas hidden behind the pins by pressing a circle available on them. This will allow users to further customize their corresponding walls with Pins related to the Pins that have caught their attention.

And as for ‘Shop the Look’, it is an evolution of the way of identifying different elements within a Pin, allowing now the tracking and even the purchase of products available within the Pins focused on fashion and home decoration .

These last two tools are already available from the mobile application for Android and iOS and even also through its web version.


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