Pinterest removes the “like” button

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With the intention of differentiating itself from Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest will launch an aggressive advertising campaign in which it will make clear that it is a visual search engine. Pinterest has confirmed in its blog that the “like” button’s days are counted. A social network whose inspiration is to share graphic tutorials about crafts and occurrences, deciding to say “bye, bye” to the “Like” button comes as a surprise to us all.

Why say goodbye to the “Like” button?

Pinterest has done a study and found that removing the “Like” button would make things easier for users of social network. The company says in the blog that they will now focus on the “save” button to improve the experience for those who use it and it will eliminate the “Like” button. This will give the “save” button a clearer functionality as before it was somewhat unclear.

In the section “Saved” you can easily review which pins have attracted more attention, organize them in different thematic boards and even look for them directly. Also, using the “Explore” button, Pinterest gives ideas related to the last saved pins.

Anyway, with “Save” button what you cannot do is tell a user to like a photo you uploaded. It was like giving it a little recognition but from now on you keep it saved as you cannot do anything else.

What will happen to the “My likes”?

Pinterest ensures that they will automatically move to a hidden board only visible to the user named by default as “My Likes”.

From there you can move it to other boards and reorganize the material to the user’s liking. However as there is no button, no new content can be added to this section, it will only serve to manage the old ones.

However, the changes of Pinterest are not there yet. According to “The Drum” all this is nothing more than a strategy to differentiate itself from Facebook and Instagram and demonstrate that it is not a social network but a different platform. The intention of Pinterest is to be identified as a visual search engine and for this, in the coming weeks they will start an aggressive advertising campaign to attract more users.



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