Pixel 2.0, small smart screen compatible with Arduino systems

Pixel 2.0

Pixel 2.0 is an interesting device that is currently available through a campaign on Kickstarter. This is what they call a smart screen, basically it is an Arduino board that has been coupled with a 1.5 “OLED screen that offers images at a resolution of 128x128p. The idea is that developers can integrate it into their projects to create all kinds of products.

In this aspect it is necessary to take into account that it also has a slot for microSD cards so that it can expand the possibilities of use for those products in which a computer card and a screen is used to facilitate the interaction of the users. Either a small portable game console, a player of small dimensions, a wave analyzer, among many other possibilities that can be developed in combination with other elements.

Since the campaign itself indicates that Pixel 2.0 is open source, which means that interested parties can obtain schematics and provisions of elements of the plate to start from them and begin to make the modifications they deem necessary or combine them with other elements to take more advantage of the realization of those products that have in mind.

As we say, it is available through a campaign in Kickstarter which has already nine days to get new sponsors. It has already exceeded the goal set at $ 5,000, in which those interested can obtain Pixel units 2.0 from $75 onwards, whose shipments will take place next June to any part of the world.

The technical details for those who are interested are available on the campaign page itself.


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