Planet explorer shows how our planet changes over time


At they have a really interesting project: thousands of photos taken from satellites sorted by dates, so we can see how the look of any region changes over time.

It is a world map in which we can zoom to the region that interests us. Once the zone is located, we will move with the mouse, or with the keyboard cursor, the dates of the capture, being possible to see an animation of the changes suffered in the geographical profile.

Although many regions do not have data after 2016, we can see the changes from month to month, so it is possible to perceive the differences with the seasons: snow, colors in spring, colors more roasted in summer. If we do the global zoom, to see the whole map of the world, the difference with the snow in Northern Europe is really remarkable.

It is still a beta project, it should greatly improve the transition in images and loading speed of content to make the experience more fluid, but if they have already taken more than a year and captured thousands of photos of our planet, it will be necessary to have to this controlled project to analyze its evolution. also has tools for developers, map monitoring systems, photo galleries and much more interesting content for anyone who cares about the health of our planet. Visit and use this features to know how our planet is changing each month.


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