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Plants vs Zombies Heroes | Best Character | Great Combos

Plant vs Zombies Heroes

There are countless no games on the play store. Plant vs Zombies is one of the popular game having more than 100 million downloads. The concept and graphics of the game are eye-catching. This game shows you the power of the plants to protect your house from the zombies. The energy of the plant and zombies keep changes with the level to retain the inquisitiveness of the players about what comes next.

The latest version is Plants vs Zombies Heroes. It is also known as (Pvz heroes). This can easily run on your mobile, tab,pc etc. you can easily download the game from play store. The rating of the game is god on play store. Its is light weighted and compatible and easy to play as we compare from the other games. Indirectly, It also gives the social message of the growing plant to keep safe.

Is there any Plants vs Zombies Heroes hack?

Nowadays, people are desperate to accomplish the thing easily and quickly. As we all know that the gaming industry growing at rapid speed and there are always some people who are ready to pull your leg by hook or crook. Many hackers invested there time to just crack the game code. this thing help them too show their credibility as well as showing the inefficiency of the game code

Yes, you can hack the game and Such features allow you to fly high and gleam without a lot of effort.

There is a lot of sites which provide you with the hack version. The hacked version provides you with the maximum benefit but not all. Its only help to cool down your desperation or getting the badges. Hacked version killed the interest of the people. Sometimes it also heats your phone and there is a chance of internal damage to your device due to the virus.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we play the game on the IOS device?

Yes it is easily running on ios device

Can we get the free gems without paying a single buck?

Yes, you can get the free gems by downloading the hacked version from google. After installing the hacked version of the game, You can buy as many chips as you want. Gems will help you to get the superpower plants and get the better badge.

Which is the best version of plant vs zombies?

It depends on person to person. if you ask me, I would suggest the second one just because of its simplicity and somewhat realistic and easy to play. The third version comes with a lot of restriction and some supernatural power that some time exhausted me.

Which is the best variant and character in the plant vs zombies?

There are 3 versions of the game and in every version players have a different character with a specific variant. It’s not fair to compare the character of a different version

Which is the best combo of all time you used?

Infinite combo is the best. I have used it once. Actually, it is just a glitch but the rate of damage is beyond your imagination.

Which upgrade should we buy first in plant vs zombies?

The order of sequence to buy the thing is Rake, Pool cleaner, Roof cleaner, cattail.

Can we hack the game?

Yes, there is a various site which allows you to download the hacked version without any verification.

What is the best character in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare?

There is numerous no of character which I like in plants vs zombies. If I choose the one so that will not be fair. I have described a few of the character which I loved the most and also have the reason why I loved it.

Garden warfare 1

jade cactus

jade cactus is my own favourite character. It may be slower than other cactus but I don’t think that speed is the major issue for the have extra health which is a benefit. The rate of fire and the range is quite good. you can also do a mini-explosion by firing on the floor that kills multiple enemies

Zed pg

people really underestimate the power of a spinner. I am quite comfortable with it and win a lot of battle in the game. It has a very long range and especially helps to convert the garden into a graveyard. I assure you that if you use it properly you will never disappoint with zed pg.

Super commando

It is three or four end burst weapon. It can cause 20 damage per bullet. The high rate of damage helps you to kill the enemy in a second. The only bad thing that it contains only 4 bullets at a time. Sometimes it’s exasperating due to this.

Garden warfare 2

Marine biologist

This is the most powerful scientist in the plant vs zombies. The Marine Biologist comes equipped with Dolphin Blastecauses It causes intensive damage to the enemies when it is closer to them. it approximate took 50 per cent life of the enemy. It is not enough good for the fare one.


It is the best character in Garden warfare 2. I think it will acquire the position in the heroes ver soon. Its single-shot dual-blasters have the best DPS and its Mech is fantastic. I also love the look of it. It is just like the supreme in the army. It can easily obliterate any unsuspecting plant if he can ambush them properly.

What are some great combos in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes?

There are some craziest combos that I used in plant vs zombies to defeat the enemy effortlessly. This is the creative method to kill the enemy that gives you a different pleasure of a win.

  • Goldy combo
  • Heal combo
  • Gargolith combo
  • Dragon combo

All the combos have a great damage capacity. It can help you to clear different stages of the game. Goldy combo is the best one but it took a lot of time to construct .you can easily see the visual of the combos on youtube and check how useful they are. There are a variety of combos present in it but they are not much useful.


Plant and zombies are one of the popular game present on the play store.
The game can be played by any age group because of its simplicity and beautiful characters. As we all know people love the fictitious character so much like zombies, vampire etc. the only disappointing thing about the game is the hacked version of it which is easily available.

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