Play Store will refund your money in less than 48 hours if you do not like an app

Google Play Store

Play Store has set a limit of 48 hours to get a refund of your money if you do not like an app.

One of the biggest advantages we have in Android is the huge catalog of free applications. It is true that in some, there is more advertising than we would like, but it is the price to pay for having so many free applications even if it sounds ironic.

Until now, you could try an app and return it if you did not like it, as the Play Store gives you a few minutes to see if it convinces you or not. However, developers could take quite a long time to bring their money back, so Google has begun to take action.

Play Store will refund your money in less than 48 hours if you do not like an app. Until now, Google was responsible for reimbursing the money to the buyers of the applications. This way, you could be sure that if you have not been convinced an application, you will not have to wait without your money being retained.

Google will increase its demands with developers, causing them to repay the money within a maximum of 48 hours.

In this way, the great G makes sure to avoid delays when receiving reimbursements, in order to continue to provide users with quick refund. In addition to this, developers will have available a new API for canceled purchases, to be able to identify the reimbursements of the micropayments themselves within the applications.

With this, Google intends to continue offering a quick service of reimbursement to the user and on the other hand, it puts a lifeline on knowing that in less than two days the developer will have to return the money. We like Google to act this way in cases like this, as they greatly facilitate user interaction with the Play Store.


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