Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds exceeds one million sold copies


Undoubtedly it’s the trending video game and much of the credit goes to youtubers like Rubius, Alexby11, Vegeta777, WillyRex and a long list of creators who are sharing their games on the streaming video platform. The gamers of Twitch are also responsible for their success. Twitch is another recognized gameplay platform that is being filled with direct playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. This game has already managed to overcome the million sold copies, when it is still in the phase of Early Access.

It has been announced by Bluehole Studio, the developer of the video game. The game is inspired by Battle Royale, but its origin is not really this, but comes from a mod originally created for Weapon 2, and with its corresponding ‘sequel’ in Weapon 3. The success of this genre is what has led to create their own video game and reach the success that they are already celebrating, more than one million copies sold for a title that, as we said, is available as an open beta in Early Access, and only three weeks.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, similar to ‘The Hunger Games’

The mechanics of the game are really simple, and just remember the films of The Hunger Games or their books to understand what it is. It is a massive survival, an online multiplayer that brings together 100 people for each game. The beginning of each of these games starts in an airplane, from which we will have to launch ourselves as it advances on an island, in such a way that we select where we want to fall. This will condition the whole game, because we will have to go looking for weapons and equipment to survive for the rest of the game, walking the map on foot or in the various vehicles that are present in the game.

In these games, the map is progressively reduced to cause players to approach and accelerate the pace of survival. In addition, from time to time missiles fall in red zones and therefore we have to avoid it at all costs. In short, a massive multiplayer survival genre that forces us to sharpen our skills in the field of strategy. This is something we can do individually or in games with teams of two and four people, depending on the mode we choose in the home screen.


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