Pocket introduces app for iMessage, to make it easier to share saved links

Pocket app

If we have been saving links in Pocket related on a specific topic, and we want to discuss them with another person, now we will have much easier option than before, at least if we are iPhone users.

Pocket which has 10 million active users and has been purchased by Mozilla is one of the most popular applications around the world for saving “read-only” links. For several months they have been investing heavily in the functions that allow sharing content, transforming a database of favorites into a social network of bookmarks. The goal with this new app, available inside iMessage (messaging for iOS), is precisely to help spread the content that we have been storing.

To use it we only need to install the Pocket app inside the iMessage store, accessing the iMessage App Store. Once included, we will be able to access all links stored in Pocket within any iMessage conversation, as you can see in the screenshot above.

During the chat we can click on an arrow in the bottom section to expand the list of available links, being only necessary to press the one of them to send it to the conversation.

They divulge it in the blog of the company, where they also show the field of search of this app so that we can easily find the link on which we wish to speak with our contacts.


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