Pokemon Duel, The New Strategy Game of Pokemon Arrives in America and Europe

Pokemon Duel

Today we received news of Pokemon, one of the most played video game sagas in history of gaming. Pokémon Duel, a new strategy game today arrives in America and Europe. Sure many of you have tried some delivery of this famous Pokemon game or just enjoyed the TV series.

Last summer the famous Pokémon Go came to light, a novel game that caused a furor among the followers of this fantastic saga. A new game concept that caused us to get up from the couch to go and capture all the Pokemon that appeared in the streets of our town.

Pokémon Duel arrives in Europe and America

All the excitement of Pokémon GO ended some time ago as players ended up getting bored of that new concept. But the developers do not want to give up and launch a new video game with a totally different mechanics for America and Europe, called Pokémon Duel.

If you are one of those who prefer to play Pokémon without having to move from their seat instead of going out on the street this game again offers that gameplay. A totally strategic way to play since the new delivery is played on a board in the screen of our device, where each player will have to put his creatures to beat the opponent.

The number of Pokémon in our team is the same as always, we will have space for six of them that we will have to choose before starting any game, either online or in the individual mode. When the game starts the board will appear and we will have to move on it to invade the territory of our opponent, this way every time a Pokémon of ours crosses with an enemy the combat will start.

Luck will be present in this new game as a spin on roulette will determine the outcome of the match, in addition to getting help from a series of available cards.

The new delivery is totally free as it was in its day Pokémon GO, although with integrated purchases. It is available for both Android and iOS in America and Europe, but at the moment still cannot download although this is expected to change in hours.


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