Pokémon GO: Niantic to introduce major improvements and new events

If a few days ago we told you that the new Pokémon GO event to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we now want to inform you about Niantic’s new statements about the future of its game for iOS and Android devices.

One of Niantic’s top representatives recently talked about changes and improvements that will be added to Pokémon GO soon, ensuring that they will enhance cooperative play, improve Pokémon capture mechanics and organize new events around the world.

The company has explained that they still intend to launch the expected battles between coaches and the exchange of objects or Pokémon between players. Similarly, Niantic want to deepen the experience in Pokémon gyms, and review some of the mechanics to enhance the cooperative game. To make matters worse, the company promises large events in Pokémon GO similar to those that users themselves have organized over these months on iOS and Android devices.

Niantic says that some of the aforementioned Pokémon GO features that will arrive in the coming weeks may have been available for some time, but initial problems with the servers caused the delay of additional functions. In any case, Niantic has promised that very soon the new features will be available in Pokémon GO, although they have not specified a date.

For now, we have available the Pokémon GO Valentines event that will, among other things, allow you to double the amount of Candy that players win each time they catch, hatch or transfer a Pokémon. We tell you more details about the game of Niantic for iOS and Android in our complete analysis of Pokémon GO.


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