‘Pokémon Go’ recovers part of its popularity by including Jotho’s Pokémon

A few days ago, ‘Pokémon GO’ finally received the expected update that introduced eighty new Pokémon to discover and capture from the region of Jotho. The inclusion of the second generation in the game was one of the contents most demanded by the players who had obtained the almost 150 Pokémon available in ‘Pokémon GO’ and had then abandoned playing the game.

People wanted the second generation Pokémon to continue the game and also had suggested to include new features in the game.

According to data provided by VentureBeat, in the Apple App Store of iPhone and iPad, ‘Pokémon Go’ has returned to number 1 in the ranking of applications with more revenue. In Google Play it has gone up to third place by Behind ‘Game of War’ and ‘Mobile Strike’. To put us in perspective of its rise, before including the eighty new Pokémon of Jotho, ‘Pokémon Go’ had a season below the fifth place in the global rankings of both iOS and Android digital stores. Not only has it topped the rankings, but in several countries including the UK, Denmark and Singapore it has regained the top spot in the ranking.

The Valentine event did not help much to the game. Although, they allowed to capture rare Pokémon like Chansey more easily to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it only made that it rise to the eighth position. These data reflect that, although events of ‘Pokémon GO’ like Halloween can bring back some players, it is necessary that there are constant new updates so that the title does not fall into oblivion in this competitive market.


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