‘Pokémon GO’ will punish cheaters: they will not be able to catch rare Pokémon

Pokemon Go

Niantic has been having trouble with cheaters practically since launching ‘Pokémon GO’ to the market. Many users make use of both game failures and external applications to circumvent the limitations of ‘Pokémon GO’ and get rewards, objects and Pokémons that would be difficult to get without cheating.

Already in April Niantic updated ‘Pokémon GO’ with the intention of making it difficult to use bots to capture Pokémons, a technique known as ‘sniping’ and that according to the company spoiled the experience of other players and unequal competitive game. What they did at the time, was to introduce a strong component of randomness into the apparitions to make it difficult to capture a suitable creature.

Now, the portal Pokémon Hub explains that Niantic has devised a new method to avoid another tricky technique called ‘tracking’, which basically consists of using external applications to know what Pokémon are in nearby areas, skipping the space limitations proposed by ‘Pokémon GO’. To avoid this kind of traps Niantic has released an update that makes all players who use external tracking applications stop seeing rare Pokémons in their vicinity, that is, only see common low-level creatures.

This way Niantic hopes that this kind of punishment might be able to help make it difficult for players to cheat in ‘Pokémon Go’. The truth is as we mentioned before the cheating in ‘Pokémon GO’ is going on since the game was launched in 2016 and does not seem to go away anytime soon. However, we do hope that these kinds of efforts from Niantic might be able to slow this cheating down a bit and at best level the playing field. The fact is that every player enjoys playing ‘Pokémon GO’ and these cheaters sometime can ruin that fun experience for the real players. That’s what Niantic is trying to defend here basically and maybe punishing them is a pretty good way of show them what they risk losing if they continue on this track.


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