‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’: Total 4.5 million Units Sold in the United States

pokemon sun and moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon sold off of 4.5 million copies in United States alone. Last year was the twentieth anniversary of one of the most beloved franchises in the world of video games, and that is none other than ‘Pokémon’.

Although its origin is in the videogames of role created by Satoshi Tajiri along with the study Game Freak, the license has transcended the borders of the videogame to become a phenomenon of contemporary popular culture. That has been what has been celebrated in 2016, with launches like ‘Pokémon GO’ giving the note around the world.

The final climax of that anniversary could not be better, ending with the release of the new installments of the series under the names of ‘Pokémon Sun and ‘Pokémon Moon. These games have meant the leap that the saga had been screaming for years, which has generally been very well received. Here at HitechGazette, we scored the new titles with a 10.

The sales of both games were already astronomical at the time of their departure, but these continue adding and adding after the campaign of Christmas. Today we get the news that Nintendo has revealed that these games have already sold 4.5 million copies in the United States alone.

All these sales count are of both games, ‘Sun and Moon’, since they are practically considered the same. These have been the games of Nintendo that more quickly have managed to reach the million copies sold, according to the company.

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ are positioned only as the most important launch of 3DS, but one of the most relevant of Nintendo, as they also helped to increase sales of the console. The success comes from before, of course, and is that this happened when the boom of ‘Pokémon GO’ happened, a phenomenon that contributed to increase the expectation for these new games.


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