Pokitto, a small console with which one can learn to program


If you are interested in learning how to program, it is likely that the device that we talked about will catch your attention. This is Pokitto, a small console with which one can learn to program. Pokitto now looks for financing in Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform par excellence.

As stated by its creators, the aim of Pokitto is to show the way it works and how to program the Internet gadgets, a technology increasingly booming. Specifically, the ARM chip inside Pokitto is also found in 3D printers, drones, robots and intelligent thermostats, among other devices. If we focus on the Pokitto’s approach, the gadget will help us learn the basics of programming based on interactive games. This would make the learning and understanding of programming and lot more easy and fun.

Once we feel more comfortable we can start to create our own programs, something that we can do through any computer with a modern web browser (no need to install anything). As soon as the program is ready, the only thing left would be to transfer it to the gadget via cable. Finally, we take the opportunity to highlight that it will be possible to purchase both mounted and disassembled versions of it, a measure to satisfy the lovers of electronics.

The interest generated by the project has been quite high. In fact, with 29 days to close the crowdfunding campaign, Pokitto has raised more than 100% requested by its creators. As for its price, it will be marketed from July this year and can be booked from $39. You can watch the video presentation on the Kickstarter website.


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