Premium variant of the Webmail service leaves Beta phase

The Premium variant of the webmail service has been out of its Beta phase. Last fall, Microsoft has launched the Beta phase as a premium track for the Webmail service This variant offers additional functionalities and comfort functions for a fee. Now Microsoft has released the offer, but currently it is only available to US users.

So far, Premium ran under the preview label. The Redmond company has now dismissed the payment path of the Webmail service from the preview period. However, an official announcement from Microsoft is still pending.

However, one thing has not changed in comparison to the preview phase: the premium version is still available to US users only, and information on whether and when it is offered for other countries is currently not available.

Benefits of premium version

Premium offers several advantages: Firstly, up to five users can be given the option of setting up personalized mail addresses with their own domains. For example, you could create addresses with or @ xyz (your business name).com. Premium also allows you to easily share calendars, contacts, and documents using OneDrive. This is especially practical for families, as the five premium users are automatically set up. Finally you get an ad-free inbox, with Outlook Premium all banner ads as well as other graphic advertising elements are removed.

The premium service costs $50 a year and if you buy this service before March 31 this year then you can get one-year access for $20. As already mentioned, however, all this is so far only for the United States, and the launch of this service for other countries and regions is currently not available.


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